Prepare your lungs to shout like Tarzan on this incredible expedition filled with challenges and adventure. Get your adrenaline pumping at full blast with the only ziplines in the Cancun Hotel Zone, and conquer your vertigo with hanging bridges for kids and adults and a 20-meter drop!



A ride like none other! Combining roller coaster and zip line on a 250-meter track with spectacular views of the Caribbean Sea.

Zip Line Madness:

  • Caribbean Zip: Cross the entire park at 25 meters in the air on this 4 zip line circuit.
  • River Zip Line: 2 rows of zip lines that take you on a 200-meter ride over our famous Lazy River.
  • Heli Jump: Overcome your fears as you leap into the unknown from 20 meters high on this controlled bungee jump – not recommended for people with heart problems!
  • Escape Challenge – Skywalk North/South: Dare to take on the challenge of 2 circuits with more than 6 hanging bridges. Just don’t look down!
  • Netland: A bridge course made just for kids and the young at heart; make your way across 9 bridges surrounded by nets on this safe yet adrenaline-filled adventure.

    Crazy Jumps:

    A jumping platform that includes 3 kids of landings:

  • Bungee swing: Combination of free fall and pendulum.
  • Quickjump: Controlled fall (similar to the Heli Jump but less height).
  • Parachute Jump: Fall similar to a parachute leap.

    Step Up:

    An activity that tests your skills as you climb up higher and higher trunks, while anchored to a safety system the entire time.


  • Visitors must follow the instructions at all of the attractions.
  • Children under 7 years of age must be supervised and/or accompanied by an adult at all times.
  • All activities at Aaahventura use the most advanced systems in construction, operation and professional equipment.
  • The aerial systems have been developed even better than the ACCT guidelines (Association for Challenge Course Technology).
  • The above activities will run during set hours and might not all run simultaneously.

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